Transport Services

We utilise the most reputable organisations for the transport of wastes. All are fully licensed and Insured for Hazardous Waste Transport.

Our Approved Waste Carriers operate the most modern equipment including ADR Tankers that can carry large payloads of up to 27 Tonnes to Continental Europe and 28 Tonnes to the UK. Packaged loads are normally exported in 45ft Pallet – Wide Sea Containers getting the maximum volume per shipment. We can supply all forms of ancillary handling equipment such as Tipping Chassis, Hammar Lifts and Refrigerated Container Units where required.

Where wastes are of a security sensitive nature we can provide driver accompanied transport to the UK.

Vans & Tail Lift Trucks are available to carry out collections where access is limited.

Please contact us for more information about our transport solutions and safety precautions.

Did You Know?

We're currently developing an online management system, providing customer access to real-time data on waste progress, documentation and other service information.

Waste disposal and recovery activities in Ireland are required to hold an authorisation in accordance with the Waste Management Acts, 1996 to 2012.

Visit the Environmental Rules section on the European Union website.

You can now track the progress of your domestic waste collections with the Dublin City Council's Waste Regulation Management System.

"The Waste Regulations Management System (WRMS) offers various electronic forms and options related to the Waste Regulations Office Services and the National Transfrontier Shipment (TFS) Office Services, under Dublin City Council (DCC)."

* This information is from the Dublin City Council's WRMS wesite.